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    Guiltless 7 Seed Chocolate Chip Mini-Muffin 2.0

    Less than a year ago we started making our Guiltless 7 Seed Dark Chocolate Chip Mini-Muffins. Convenient for breakfast, snack, part of a lunch or even a dessert, these little guys do their job! And somehow, it's some kind of miracle really, they just got even better! We took the same 1.5 ounces of our grain-free 7 Seed Muffin batter, baked it a little differently (tricks of the baking industry!) and now the mini-muffins are bigger, fluffier, and don't have a wrapper! 

    The nutritional content is EXACTLY the same! No extra calories or carbs. The same amount of everything, just a tweak in the baking fluffed these babies up! 

    Here are your new Guiltless Mini-Muffins!

    Each muffin has only 9 grams net carbs! 4 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein! 

    From now until Friday (1/22/16), enter MUFFINS20 at checkout for 20% off all muffin orders!

    Artizone Dallas names Guiltless Superfoods Artisan of the Month!!

    2016 is off to a great start with this feature on Guiltless Superfoods as artizone 's Artisan of the Month!!!

     Artizone said, "This month, we’re focusing on New Year, New You! Artizone is here to help you live a healthier life this January by partnering with companies who provide nutrition packed products. Today we’re talking with Lindsey and Daniel of Guiltless Superfoods, the Dallas artisan of the month." 

    Check it out here



    People's RX N. Lamar Stocked Up

    Guiltless Freezer at People's RX, N Lamar location is loaded up!! With our gluten-free, grain-free, low-carb and delicious Sandwich Bread, Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Cookies, Two Pizza Flavors & Pizza Crusts!! Stop by the freezer any time to take home your Guiltless products today! And they also make #Paleo Sandwiches with our 7 Seed Bread in the deli! {4018 N Lamar} #atx — at Peoples Pharmacy.

    Best Paleo Bread! Guiltless Turkey, Cheese & Arugula Sandwich

    Looking for the best Paleo Bread on the planet? Look no further! Our Paleo 7 Seed Sandwich Bread is out of this world! And you can stop by People's Pharmacy in Austin and have this delicious sandwich made up for you on our Paleo Bread! YUM! 

    Guiltless Snack

    Favorite snack alert ::: Toasted Guiltless Sandwich Bread, spread with organic almond butter and sprinkled with more organic almonds for crunch! Lightly sprinkled with sea salt! YUM!! 


    Guiltless Croutons


    Today is BACK TO SCHOOL for many families, and that means fall + cooler temps are just around the corner! Step into the new school year with this grain-free Guiltless 7 Seed Croutons recipe!


    Cube Guiltless Sandwich Bread into one inch squares. Melt butter or put olive oil in a small bowl. {I like to use 50/50 butter + olive oil for the combination of flavors and using just butter tends to burn the croutons quickly so this technique helps.} Infuse your fat (butter/olive oil) with fresh garlic or garlic powder. Add fresh or dried herbs if you want, too! Pour some of the fat onto your baking sheet. Toss the cut bread into the fat and toss to coat. Drizzle any remaining over the bread pieces. Lay flat on cooking sheet. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes, or until desired level of crunchiness! ? Enjoy in your favorite soup or on your favorite salad! These croutons add protein, fiber, omegas, antioxidants, vitamins and crunch to any meal!