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    Blog — Love Muffins

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    Guiltless Goodies

    Love Muffins


    These delicious & nutritious Dark Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins have 6g of protein and 5g of fiber in each one! Perfect for breakfast, snack or dessert. Filling. Fuel. Satisfying. Goodness. 

    On sale for the next 24 hours on our shop here


    Also... Guiltless Goodies! 

    If you follow us on social media, you may have seen a post this week about our name change. We are really excited about this change to 'Guiltless Goodies' because we feel it personifies so much of who we are!
    The foods we make are always guiltless and amazingly good... like, really good for your health and really good to your taste buds!
    They're are made from goodness... 7 organic seeds from the earth, along with other incredible ingredients like organic coconut oil and organic eggs.
    And they're made by good people who want good things for the people who eat them! (Talking about our baking team, not us, but we're pretty good, too!) :) 
    Good. Goodies. Goodness.
    That's what we're all about!  

    Does 'goodies' mean we make desserts only? No way, Jose!!
    It's an all encompassing word meaning, 'something that's desirable or delicious!'
    Your favorite Guiltless Goodies have some new names too, like, Love Muffins, Best Cookies Ever, Skinny Donuts, Hippie Tortillas and Guiltless Superfood Flour ... and they are all here to stay! (And you know we're always working on new goodies, too!) :) 

    Just a little name tweaking to something that makes your mouth water every.time you hear it! Who else likes the sound of that?! 

    Blessings & Good Health!