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    Guiltless Chocolate Chip + Pecan Pumpkin Bars (gluten, grain + dairy free)

    Guiltless Chocolate Chip + Pecan Pumpkin Bars (gluten, grain + dairy free)

    Guiltless Chocolate Chip + Pecan Pumpkin Bars

    It might go without saying, but these are one of our favorite holiday desserts! Light, fluffy, yet dense, and way delicious! Gluten, grain, and dairy free. These are wholesome and real crowd pleaser! Delicious with our without the pecan glaze! Shown here both ways! Enjoy!! 



    1 cup pumpkin puree

    1 cup almond butter 

    3/4 cup coconut palm sugar  

    4 organic eggs

    2 T pumpkin pie spice 

    2 t vanilla extract 

    1/2 t sea salt 

    1 t baking powder 

    1 1/2 c Guiltless 7 Seed Superfood Flour 

    1/2 cup chopped pecans

    3/4 cup chocolate chips 



    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

    Spray a 9x13 baking dish with non-stick cooking spray. 

    Combine all ingredients into a large mixing bowl and stir until smooth. Fold in pecans and chocolate chips. 

    Pour batter into greased baking dish. 

    Bake for about 20-25 minutes, or until edges are golden brown and center of pan is firm. 

    Slice into squares. Makes approximately 24 squares. 



     Without glaze and chocolate chips baked inside and also sprinkled on top! 



    Lemon Tarts (gluten-free, grain-free, paleo, dairy-free, paleo)

    Lemon Tarts (gluten-free, grain-free, paleo, dairy-free, paleo)

    We're counting down to the 4th of July around here! We'll be taking our big family vacation of the summer to our favorite place, Crested Butte, CO! Our little family has so many memories there already, including it being the place where the idea to "use seeds" came to me. And it's also the place where we got the name "Asher" as we visited when we were pregnant with our third son. 
    On the 4th, we will attend the parade in town and will try to stay up late enough to watch fireworks. We'll also eat lots of good food and include our favorite recipes, like this Lemon Tart! 
    Inspired by PaleoOMG. This is soo good! Daniel called it one of the best things I've ever made. That's huge! But the toddlers didn't seem interested. I guess little ones and lemon aren't always a match, but I would definitely make it for the older crowd or those that love tart! 
    The crust is an almond butter and Guiltless flour base with coconut flakes and walnuts. You don't bake it, so it stays a little soft. It isn't a crispy, flakey crust - more of a rich almond butter and walnut crust with a little crunch from the nuts. Daniel loved the crust as is. So you can take his word for it! -- UPDATE: I also tried baking the crust, and it turned out great! I think Daniel preferred the softer crust still. But I think the crunchy crust would be preferred by most people. Anyway, directions for both are below, so you can choose yours! BTW these tarts in these photographs are the softer version (not baked). 
    For the crust
    • ½ cup almond butter
    • ½ cup Guiltless 7 Seed Flour 
    • 1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
    • ⅔ cup walnuts
    • 1 heaping tablespoon coconut milk (full fat, in the can) 
    • 1 heaping tablespoon raw honey
    • pinch of salt
    For the topping
    • 5 eggs, whisked
    • ⅓ cup honey
    • ⅓ cup Coconut Oil (unrefined)
    • juice of 4 lemons
    • 1 cup blueberries
    • ½ cup raspberries
    • ½ cup strawberries 
    1. Place all crust ingredients in food processor and mix until smooth. (Our big food processor broke, so I used a small one and everything still fit!) 
    2. Add crust ingredients to an 8x8 baking dish (use glass if you have it so you can see the pretty inside!) and press down to form an even crust. / For crunchy crust: bake at 350 degress for 10 minutes / For softer crust: Put in fridge for about 20 minutes (no baking for soft)
    3. While the crust is baking / or hardening in fridge, make your lemon topping.
    4. Place a small saucepan over medium heat.
    5. Add your eggs, honey, coconut oil, and lemon juice to the saucepan and whisk together.
    6. Continue stirring together until mixture begins to thicken. Increase heat to medium high, if needed to thicken. (just make sure not to cook your eggs) 
    7. Once lemon mixture has thickened, remove from heat, and place in bowl to cool in the fridge for about 20 minutes.
    8. When your lemon topping has cooled, spread it over your crust then place your raspberries and blueberries however you'd like! You might alternate berries to get some of each in every square! 
    9. Enjoy! 

    Chewy + Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies (gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free)


    Last weekend a customer in Austin reached out to us after finding that our Chocolate Chip Cookies were sold out at one of our local retailers. Sad, but true! They sell fast, which can be both good and bad, right! 

    So she bought a bag of our 7 Seed Flour to make Chocolate Chip Cookies herself! I like a gal that doesn't take "sold out" for an answer! 


    She told me that she is an alternative flour baking chemist! That she always uses alternative flours, mainly almond flour, but that she and her two year old daughter love to bake together and couldn't wait to use our flour! How cute is that?! 

    We both used this recipe to make our Crispy & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, and they turned out delish!! Very different than the cookies we sale pre-made. We changed a few things up in the recipe. So it's kind of cool that you can have your Guiltless Chocolate Chip Cookies two ways! 

    Makes approx. 27 cookies  


    1/2 c organic coconut oil

    3/4 c coconut palm sugar

    1 organic egg

    1 t vanilla extract

    1/2 t baking powder 

    1/2 t sea salt

    3 c Guiltless Superfoods 7 Seed Flour

    1 c dark chocolate chips 



    Beat together coconut oil and sugar until blended and creamy. Add in egg and vanilla. Mix until combined. (I like to "cream" my coconut oil and sugar for a few solid minutes to get it nice and soft and whipped.)

    Add in Guiltless Flour, sea salt and baking powder to the wet ingredients. Mix until combined and completely incorporated. 

    Fold in chocolate chips. Cover cookie dough and chill in refrigerator for a least 1 hour and up to 48 hours. This helps the dough set up.  

    Remove from fridge and preheat oven to 350. Using a cookie or small ice cream scooper, scoop out cookies and place on parchment covered baking sheets. Press dough down slightly (want them thick not too thin). Bake for 10 minutes or just until edges are slightly brown. 

    Cool and enjoy! 

    *If served slightly warm, the chocolate chip centers are still ooegy-gooey and melty! So good!  


    Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies

    Paleo Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies with Toasted Coconut

    Most folks I know are prettyyy crazy about chocolate. So, if that's you, this recipe is for you, my friend! Personally, I am head over heels for these rich and decadent Toasted Coconut & Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies! This recipe includes three of the world's most favorite ingredients as it's MVP's: dark chocolate, fresh strawberries and unsweetened coconut, baked all together in the most delicious, tasty, Guiltless treat! And they're beautiful, too! 

    I sprinkled a layer of unsweetened coconut on top of the Guiltless brownie batter before baking, and the coconut toasted up perfectly on top while the brownies baked below! The coconut adds a slightly sweet, toasty, and nutty flavor to balance out the fudgy brownies and ooey-gooey chocolate sauce. The fresh and sweet strawberries tie all together!

    Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Paleo Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies with Toasted Coconut Recipe 


    1/2 cup Coconut Oil (measured in solid state)

    8 oz (approx 1 1/2 cups) Dark Chocolate chopped or chips (your preferred %) 

    3/4 cup Coconut Sugar

    3 Large Eggs

    1 tbsp Vanilla Extract

    1 cup Guiltless 7 Seed Flour

    1/4 tsp Sea Salt

    1/3 cup unsweetened coconut flakes 


    Chocolate Sauce:

    1 cup organic strawberries, thinly sliced

    1/3 cup unrefined coconut oil

    1/3 cup cocoa powder

    2 tablespoons maple syrup



    1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Spray an 8x8 inch (or 9x9 inch) square pan with non-stick cooking spray. 

    2. In a small sauce pan on low heat, place coconut oil and 8 oz of dark chocolate. Melt together, stirring frequently. 

    3. Once chocolate is melted, pour into a large bowl to cool slightly. Whisk in coconut sugar. 

    4. Add eggs, one at a time, whisking well after each one. Whisk in vanilla. 

    5. Add Guiltless 7 Seed Flour and Sea Salt, and whisk until well combined. 

    6. Transfer brownie batter to prepared baking dish, and spread evenly. Spread coconut flakes out evenly over the batter. 

    8. Bake for 35 minutes, on center rack, or until coconut is toasted and golden brown, and toothpick inserted into middle of brownies comes out clean or with a few crumbs attached. 

    9. Cool completely (at least 10 minutes) on a wire rack.

    10. In a small bowl, combine coconut oil, cocoa powder and maple syrup. Whisk together until smooth.

    11. Spread strawberries out evenly over the cooled brownies. Pour sauce over brownies. 

    10. Refrigerate for 1.5 hours or until sauce hardens. 

    11. Slice into 16 small brownies and enjoy! (Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2-3 days)





    Immediately after taking these photos, I scarfed down 2 or 3 of these (depends on if you count the one I shared with Hank), and I still felt great afterwards! No carb coma, sugar crash or stomach ache - at all! Pretty amazing!

    After all the training I was doing for the marathon, I took a break, only running a handful of times since Valentine's Day!  I broke my running hiatus this morning with a 4.5 mile run with a good friend and Luke's Locker running club that runs downtown, around the Capitol, over the Lamar bridge and through Town Lake. It's beautiful, and I felt AMAZING all day. I was still on a runner's high well into the afternoon. I've had so much energy and just a strong and happy state of mind. The power of exercise and endorphins is so real!! How do I ever forget that?! And during my 6am run, I was definitely looking forward to getting home and having a Guiltless brownie for breakfast! ;) 

    Oh, and one last thing, this recipe is a keeper because these brownies are as pretty as they sound! Definitely nice enough to make for a special occasion, wedding or baby shower! 


    (Chocolate Strawberry Sauce adapted from Bakerita.)