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    Best Paleo Bread! Guiltless Turkey, Cheese & Arugula Sandwich

    Looking for the best Paleo Bread on the planet? Look no further! Our Paleo 7 Seed Sandwich Bread is out of this world! And you can stop by People's Pharmacy in Austin and have this delicious sandwich made up for you on our Paleo Bread! YUM! 

    His Favorite Breakfast

    Simple things like Guiltless Egg Sandwich on Cinnamon Raisin Bread & homemade bullet proof coffee (we blend organic hot coffee, tablespoon organic coconut oil & about a cup of almond milk in our @vitamix). Make my man feel loved, full and ready to hit the ground running! A little extra thought on the things he likes best goes a long way for his day and his . Go get em, world! @guiltlessfoods