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    Blog — seed bread

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    Thinner Bread Slices

    We are so happy to officially announce that we now have thinner bread slices! If you haven't tried our bread in the last couple weeks, you have got to try this new thinner slice! You won't know you're eating seed bread, except for the fact that you're happier, healthier and full for hours! 

    A customer recently said that she liked the bread before, but now with the thinner slices, she LOVES it! 

    And another customer who follows the anti-fungal, Doug Kaufmann Phase 1 diet said this... "The guiltless bread tastes just like traditional bread and we have it with eggs or make a sandwich with almond butter. Toasts great. We're now going to be able to have french toast that we have very much missed. Has all the taste and texture benefits of bread without the grain." -Eric Storch

    And a long time Guiltless customer and family said this about our Cinnamon Raisin Bread... "We have been Guiltless fans for years. While we truly love all the wonderful foods, I have to say the Cinnamon Raisin bread is my all time favorite. It is a staple breakfast food of mine, either toasted with a fried egg on top or toasted with a yummy nut-butter....either way, it is delicious! Not only am I full for hours, but I am completely satisfied! YUM!!!" -Katie L



    A thinner slice and a thinner you, when you eat Guiltless!

    Happy New Year, friends!