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    Paleo F(x) Recap + Memorial Day Sale

    Good News

    Our biggest sale yet!
    Get 2 FREE products of your choice (Skinny Donuts, Best Cookies Ever, Hippie Tortillas and/or Superseed Flour) with FREE SHIPPING on any order over $75.  
    (That's a $40 savings!)  

    Just tell us the two products you want in the notes section of your order!
    They will ship out with your order next Monday or Tuesday!  
    Did we mention, you also get FREE SHIPPING! :) 
    Offer ends Saturday 5/27/17 at midnight. 
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    We love to see you enjoying your Guiltless Goodies!
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    And don't forget, you can upload your pics here for a discount off your next order and chance to win a $100 giftcard! 

    Good Eats

    Hey, Dallas! Did you know Guiltless Goodies are available in Royal Blue Grocery in Highland Park Village? Stop in today for one of the best shopping experiences you'll  ever heave! Cutest store + eats!
    Find us in the gluten-free freezer section! 


    Good Times

    We had an amazing tine at PaleoF(x) last weekend!

    Lindsey & Daniel Guiltless Waffle Cooking Demo 


    Daniel & Christel, Guiltless Operations Director, saying hello from our booth

    Lindsey & Jill from Jilz Crackers 

    Daniel & Keith Jardin from Caveman Coffee Co.

    Good Word
    What you've been posting about Guiltless this week... Thank you for the love! 


    A REAL Good Recipe coming to you tomorrow!!! Stay tuned! 



    Daniel's Birthday Sale - 20% off


    Good News

    It's Daniel's Birthday! 

    May is a favorite month of ours here at Guiltless Goodies! We get to celebrate the good life of our co-founder, Daniel!  

    Turning just 30 ;) this year! Guiltless wouldn't be where it is today without our fearless leader. Around the office, he's known as DanMan or Dan the Muffin Man! Not only does he run the business like the tenacious Taurus that he is, but he's also handy with a whisk and does lots of Guiltless baking, too! 

    For Daniel's birthday, we thought it would be fun to share a few  of the things he's learned over the years.

     1.  Health is wealth. 
     Life can be tough sometimes, but if you're in good health, you will have the energy to keep fighting and overcome.

    2. Believe to receive. 
     Everything we've ever diligently prayed for has come to fruition...even if the road to get there is full of mountains and road blocks. You aren't in this alone, stay the course and expect miracles. They always show up.

    3. The hour before dawn is always the darkest.
     If God has lead you to it, He'll lead you through it. Stay faithful and joy-filled and you will accomplish your dreams.

    We want you to celebrate with us! - Take 20% off your entire online order with Coupon Code: Celebrate20

    Order today! Offer only good until Thursday 5/4 at midnight

    To your good health! 
    Lindsey & Daniel 

    18,000 Skinny Donuts

    Skinny Donuts flying off the shelves! 

     We are so happy and humbled to report that in the last month, we've sold about 18,000 Skinny Donuts!!

    The reaction from our customers has been astounding!

    So, THANK YOU.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    Thank you for buying them, for sharing them, for making them part of your life, and for being part of this Guiltless Goodies story.

    We know some of you may have encountered shipping delays or empty shelves when you went to stock up lately, and we sincerely apologize!

    We just recently moved our baking into a much larger facility and are so thankful for the expansion.

    However, the move took longer than expected. The facility is over three times as large as the old one.

    We are expecting big things!! Guiltless baking teams will be back in action this week, and your orders will ship asap. We will get those store shelves packed again!