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    Guiltless 7 Seed Flour Waffle & Pancake Recipe

    Guiltless 7 Seed Flour Waffle & Pancake Recipe

    Remember when you were younger waking up on the weekend to the smell and sounds of waffles and pancakes on the griddle? You'd roll out of bed and into the kitchen with your hair all a mess and stumble up to the table to get your fix of that soft, fluffy, stack of heaven. Those were the days!

    But those can be the days again if you have Guiltless 7 Seed Flour in your pantry! Since all Guiltless Superfoods products are loaded with essential fat, fiber and protein, you won't even have to file this meal in the cheat category (unless of course you flood your pancakes with an absolute deluge of maple syrup)! :) 

    I say deluge, because if you use a moderate amount of real maple syrup or honey you can still feel good about yourself after you've finished, and won't have to suffer from the post meal hangover. Real maple syrup (Grade A or B), raw honey, almond butter, fresh berries, organic butter or ghee, real whipped cream, and even some nuts are some favorite toppings around our household, but it's your party, we wouldn't dare tell you how to get your pancake (or waffle) on.

    The only difference between today and yesteryear will be that your bed head has probably gotten worse, like mine... 

    Hold onto your hats folks...this recipe makes both waffles and pancakes! 


    Guiltless 7 Seed Flour Waffle & Pancake Recipe 

    Yields about (4) large round Belgium style waffles, (8-10) square waffles or approx. (10) pancakes


    2 1/4 cups Guiltless Flour 

    1/2 tablespoon baking powder

    1/4 teaspoon sea salt

    1/4 cup coconut palm sugar

    5 whole eggs

    1/4 teaspoon vanilla

    1/4 cup water



    1) In a medium bowl combine Guiltless Seed Flour, baking powder and sea salt. Whisk together until combined.

    2) In a large mixing bowl add eggs, coconut palm sugar, vanilla and water. Mix with a hand mixer for 1 minute on high until thoroughly mixed together. 

    3) Slowly pour dry ingredients into wet ingredients and mix on medium speed with hand mixer for about 1 minute until there are no clumps.

    *Your Guiltless waffle/pancake batter should be thick (due to all the essential fat, fiber and protein in the flour) so it won’t pour out on it’s own like other runny batters. 

    4)Waffles: Use 1 1/2 to 2 cups to fill your waffle maker. Make sure you don’t use too much batter, or else you won’t be able shut your waffle maker. You will need to use a spatula in each hand to spread out the batter to each side. 

    *Pancakes: Use a 1/4 measuring cup to scoop and portion the batter and a soft rubber spatula to get it out onto the griddle/pan. 

    5) Spray the back of a spatula with Pam or some form of non-stick spray and press the pancakes flat on your griddle or pan into your desired shape and thickness. (We make our round pancakes about 1/2” thick.) 

    6) Cook on medium to medium high for about 1 to 1 1/2 minutes on each side until golden brown and cooked all the way through.