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    Wild Berry Breakfast Parfait

    New schedules and routines have us racing out the door.
    Make this yummy parfait ahead of time for an easy grab-n-go breakfast!

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    Mason Jar Salad

    As a mom of two boys in diapers and a start-up business owner of Guiltless, feels like I barely have time for meal prep! Lots of very important, special things requiring my love and attention. But my health can't take back seat. If I can't take care of myself, I can't take care of anyone else, either. 

    Mason Jar Salads are an awesome way to eat healthy and make a few salads for yourself or others ahead of time! Without ever getting soggy! 

    The key is the order of ingredients and getting a large mason jar, with a wide mouth that makes packing and shaking it back out easy. A pint is a good size for one person for a smaller lunch, 1 quart for a larger lunch or dinner, and 2 quart jars or larger for a picnic or pot luck! 

    ✔start with dressing at the bottom to keep the ingredients from getting soggy. 
    ✔then your heaviest veggies 
    ✔softer veggies & fruit for sweetness 
    ✔nuts for texture and crunch 
    ✔finish with your ️ greens on top! 
    Store in the fridge for several days. And just shake out into a bowl when you're ready to eat! 
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    Healthy Fajitas

    Loved using our 7 Seed Guiltless Tortillas to make Healthy Fajitas on Know The Cause, America's Most Watched Alternative Health Show!