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    Our Mission.

    We exist to help people live extraordinary lives in mind, body and spirit.



    Who We Are.

    SuperSeed Life is a family-owned and operated company located in Austin, TX founded by husband and wife health coaches, Lindsey + Daniel Crouch. SuperSeed was born from one big heart-felt desire: to create delicious and uniquely healthy foods that would improve the quality of peoples' lives. 

    As the very first seed-based baked goods company, the foundation of our plant-based foods are seven types of organic seeds ground freshly into our proprietary flour. With a few other ultra-clean ingredients-- such as organic coconut palm sugar and organic virgin coconut oil-- we create delicious donuts, cookies, brownies, pizza crusts and more. All of our items are filled with great-for-you ingredients, and we never use gluten, grain, dairy, corn, nuts, soy or preservatives.  

    We are very thankful to be living our dreams and doing what we were born to do. Growing up, we both battled different issues that could all be traced back to what we were eating. After suffering mental, physical and emotional losses, we wanted to make a difference and provide an alternative that could potentially change the course of our family's health issues - and it is! 

    When she was only three years old, Lindsey lost her beautiful mother to cancer. We believe we can make a change and provide an alternative for our growing family and for yours. The SuperSeed Lifestyle we've created through prayer, biblical principles and our nutrient-rich, 7-seed flour. It is paving a new road for healthier families, and we couldn't be more excited to have you on this journey with us! 

    We believe nourishing the mind, body and spirit as a whole is the only way one can have complete health + wellness. Without one, the others can't fully thrive. We feel so blessed to be the vessels to bring SuperSeed foods and lifestyle to all of you! 

    Chief Seed Sowers, 

    Lindsey + Daniel

    Luke 8:11