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    I’m coach Daniel, Blessed Bites co-founder, and I will be your health coach and guide. We have witnessed some amazing results from this program with our customers losing between 4-17 lbs in the first 7 days.

    My goal is to help you become an expert in controlling your health so that you are able to teach someone else how to succeed! 

    Our program is simple, so take a minute to familiarize you with the 4 components of the Blessed Bites Program. 

    1. Benefits of the Blessed Bites Program

    2. Daily Eating Schedule

    3. Seven Simple Strategies

    4. Grocery list.

    If you haven’t already, make sure to download the 4 PDF’s in the download section of this page.




    If you haven’t found success in your health and wellness program, don't worry, you have come to the right place! If you aren’t feeling your best, you might simply be suffering from the toxins in our modern food supply: gluten, processed grains and yeast.

    The good news is that The Blessed Bites Program will help you flush these toxins. It will also help you plant seeds of lasting, vibrant health.

    The benefits of this program are: weight loss, increased energy, knowing what and when to eat as well as feeling full and satisfied from delicious foods you enjoy eating.

    Make sure to download the PDF in the download area of this page and watch the video from Coach Daniel.


    The days of wondering what and when to eat are over friends!

    Here is Your Daily Eating Schedule to ensure you hit your water, fiber & essential fat needs all while staying inside your 8-hour eating window. We even have a recipe for a delicious smoothie!

    Make sure to download your own copy now to ensure you are maximizing your results and seeing progress as quickly as possible. You can find it in the download area on this page if you haven't already downloaded it.


     If only there were a 1-page document that listed all the important facets of living a healthy life?...Well here it is! 

    The 7 strategies will ensure you optimize your health and wellness by answering all the important questions, like...

    How much water should I drink? How much fiber should I eat? Should I eat fats, or carbs? What’s up with intermittent fasting? How do I eliminate toxins and fungus? What’s the value of flossing? What’s the most successful form of exercise for me?

    Make sure to download the 7 Strategies PDF so you have all the facts!  Find it in the download section of this page if you haven't already downloaded it.