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    The Guiltless Weight Loss Program™
    Days 1-5, (30-35g of net carbs per day)

    “I've followed it closely and lost over 4 pounds. Eric has lost 7!" -Elaine 

    * Results may vary based on each individual's physical health, diet and exercise, and adherence to the Guiltless program. The weight loss results described in testimonials or photos are not typical for every individual. This highly depends on the adherence the the nutrition plan as well as the following instructions to the Guiltless Diet and exercise. 

    The Guiltless Weight Loss Program™ goals:
    1.) To lose weight by keeping your body in fat burning mode, rather than fat storage mode, all the time.
    2.) To eliminate sugar cravings by replacing empty, sugar/carbohydrate calories with high-nutrient, high-fiber, high-protein Guiltless products.
    3.) To harden and tighten your physique by increasing the amount of Growth Hormone produced by your own body.
    4.) To starve out diseases, which thrive on sugar and carbs.


    The Guiltless Weight Loss Program™ works better than any other plan we have ever tried to quickly lose weight and cleanse your system. Our clients typically shed pounds within just weeks by following this program and exercising for just 29 minutes 3-5 times per week. Living a low carb lifestyle “will reduce cholesterol rapidly without increasing other risk factors; it reverses, or at least significantly improves, adult-onset (type II) diabetes; it drops elevated blood pressure like a rock; it offers a long-term solution for the problem of excess weight—all without meticulously counting fat grams or worrying about fat percentages.” (Low Carb/Nutrition expert, Dr. Dan Eades Author Protein Power) 

    We are here to tell you that water, healthy fats, seeds, protein (humanely raised animal meats & cheese) and fiber- filled vegetables are your best friends! Human beings were designed to eat fresh food from the earth, not processed food full of chemicals.

    “Carbohydrates and sugar are the true culprits in regard to disease and weight gain. In the past, if you adhered to the U.S. government’s “Food Pyramid” you would have been consuming the equivalent of 2 cups of pure sugar per day!” (Protein Power, Dr. Dan Eades) 

    It’s no wonder over half of all Americans are overweight. We’ve been taught to base our food consumption around carbs/sugar (ie: grain based breads, tortillas, pastas, rices, pizza, potatoes, sodas and other so-called “whole grains”). The truth is that your body looks at a half can of Coca Cola (24 g of Sugar) the exact same way it looks at 2 pieces of “whole grain” bread (22g of carbs/sugar). All carbs/sugar, no matter what type, are basically the same energy source to your body and will be stored as fat if not used within a few hours.

    And here is the proof: “Fossil remains tell us that in preagricultural times human health was excellent. People were tall, lean, had well-developed, strong, dense bones, sound teeth with minimal, if any, decay, and little evidence of severe disease. After the advent of agriculture and a change in diet (from hunter-gatherer societies to societies based on whole grains, wheat, breads, cereals, oatmeal, etc) this picture of robust health began to deteriorate. Post-agricultural man was shorter, had more brittle bones, extensive tooth decay, and a high incidence of malnutrition and chronic disease.” 

    The remarkable thing about this generalized decline in health is that it occurred throughout the world. From the eastern Mediterranean to Peru, whenever people changed from high-protein to high-carbohydrate diets they became less healthy. In fact, archaeologists consider this health disparity so predictable that when they unearth the skeletal remains of a prehistoric society they classify the people as hunters or farmers by the state of their bones and/or teeth. If the teeth are excellent and non decayed and the bones are strong, dense, and long, the people were hunter-gatherers; if the teeth are decayed and the bones frail and deformed, scientists know the remains are those of agriculturists.” (Protein Power, Dr. Eades)

    So how do we get ourselves back on track?  

    1.) Drink at least 4-5 liters of water each day. Water hydrates the body, reduces “hunger pains” and flushes out copious amounts of stored toxins. 

    2.) You can eat any of the following for the next 4 days: Guiltless Pizza™, Guiltless Bread™, Guiltless Pizza Crusts™ and Guiltless Tortillas™ with meat, cheese or fish  (anything that can be hunted or fished) as long as you stay under 30-35g net carbs per day. Yes, cheese is fine (unless you have issues with dairy), however we recommend you aim for organic or hormone-free rather than conventional dairy if you can. You might also enjoy 1/4 an avocado at each meal as long as you stay under 30-35g of net carbs per day. We prefer organic, all-natural or hormone-free food when available because you don't want any of the hormones/pesticides of conventional, commercialized food to enter into your precious temple.

    Buying organic or hormone-free may be more expensive, but it is well worth it since these animals were fed what God intended them to eat instead of corn and grains (sugar) which can cause them to get sick and require hormones to treat the dis-ease brought on by their own poor diet. Think about this: cows are herbivores, which means they eat grass which is filtered through their three-stomach filtration system. If you feed that same cow grains, soy or corn it would be the equivalent of putting diesel fuel in a car that takes regular gasoline. It would only be a matter of time before your car would start to smoke and stop running. I would never buy a gasoline car that had been running on diesel fuel, so you might think twice about buying animal protein that was fed anything other than what it would normally eat in the wild...just something to consider.

    What will I be eating?

    Guiltless Pizza™: 8g carbs per pizza depending upon your choice from our menu.

    Guiltless Bread™: 1g Net Carbs, 7g fiber and 8g Protein per slice. 

    Guiltless Tortillas™: 1g Net Carbs, 6g fiber and 7g Protein per tortilla


    Order Now And Start Losing Weight Today!


    Free Roaming Eggs* (the absolute best source of protein and fat on the  planet)

    Fish (any type but catfish or crustaceans like shrimp, scallops or crabs)




    Red Meat


    *(We recommend avoiding pork, due to their high amount of toxins)

    3.) For these first 5 days you are allowed 30-35 grams of carbs/sugar (including carbs from vegetables and fruits). That may seem like a dramatically low number, but our goal is to restrict all forms of carbs and sugar so that the body is forced to turn to its own fat stores for energy. Fat and protein are much more consistent sources of energy. There are no sugar highs or lows with a higher fat/protein diet. These forms of energy burn slow and steady. 

    Here’s the good news, you will be eating Guiltless Bread™, Tortillas and Pizza and losing weight at the same time, and after the 5 day transitioning period you’ll  be able to eat vegetables again, along with Guiltless muffins™, Guiltless Waffles™ and Guiltless Cookies™. You won’t feel like you’re on a diet or deprived in any way. We created Guiltless products to taste delicious while keeping your body in fat burning and lean muscle building mode. 

    Our other goal is to starve out any Candida or other yeast/carbohydrate based fungus that is present in the body. This type of fungus depends on sugar/carbs/breads/rice/sodas/pastas/etc for survival, so if we eliminate all but 30-35g grams of fiber-filled carbs, the yeast will die and thus release us from perpetual sugar/carb cravings.

    4) Snack: 1/4 cup of nuts per day for these first 5 days is permitted. We recommend Almonds, Pecans and Walnuts. Avoid all other nuts including peanuts and cashews. A peanut is actually a pea and not a nut, and cashews are higher in carbohydrates. For those with nut allergies, consider 1-2 slices Guiltless bread™ or Guiltless Tortillas™.

    Maintain this eating plan for at least 5 days. It is designed to transition the body from carbohydrate dependency to using excess fat stores for energy. At the end of 5 days you can start consuming delicious, low-carb protein shakes and vegetables again. This program is truly worth it. Our clients have enjoyed tremendous results in how they look and feel.

    Daily Meal Plan

    Wake up and drink at least 1-2 liters of water before consuming ANY food. Flushing out the previous days waste before introducing more food to your digestive track is essential. If you drink coffee, we recommend you drink your cup of coffee only after you have consumed at least the 1st liter of water. Why the water first? Coffee is a diuretic, which means it will cause you to go to the bathroom (#1 and #2). Water helps flush out the toxins, so you want to make sure you have plenty of water to flush out plenty of toxins. 

    Feel free to use up to 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk or unsweetened coconut milk to your coffee. If and only if, you need something else to sweeten your coffee you may add a small amount of Grade B Maple Syrup or Coconut Palm Sugar (which can be purchased at most major grocery stores).

    AVOID Artificial sweeteners of any type. They inhibit fat burning and are flat out unhealthy. Remember the purpose of this plan is to transition the body into burning its own fat stores. After day 5, you will begin to slowly add healthy, fiber-filled vegetable carbs back into the mix. 

    Breakfast: 2-3 whole eggs lightly seasoned with salt and pepper (feel free to add 2-3 egg whites if you find you are still hungry) with 1 serving of cheese (optional) on a slice of Guiltless Bread™ (toasted tastes great) or a breakfast taco using a Guiltless Tortillas™. The fiber and essential omega fats from Guiltless bread™ and Guiltless Tortillas™ will keep you full for hours! 

    *It’s important to start your day with a good source of fat. If you consume fat early in the day, your body will feel full and is less likely to crave sugar later in the day. Fat also has a high satiation value. Translation: fat takes longer to digest than sugar/carbs, thus leaving you feeling satisfied longer. 

    “But, I thought fat would make me fat?”...

    Healthy dietary fat is important for brain health, heart health, liver health, lung health, cell development, hormone development, reducing cancer risks, strengthening cell walls, optimizing the nervous system, maintaining elasticity in skin and lips, maintaining energy levels and providing that “full” feeling. Carbs and sugar help with NONE of these.

    By eating fat, you keep your body in fat burning mode. When you eat sugar/carbs your body stops burning fat and begins to store fat. 

    3rd liter of water

    Snack: 10 almonds, walnuts or pecans...or a or a Guiltless Tortilla™ and some guacamole or a Guiltless Bread™ filled with some protein source (like chicken, eggs, red meat, etc.)

    Lunch: 1 (6") Guiltless Pizza™ or 1-2 slices of Guiltless Bread™ or 1-2 Guiltless Tortillas™ with Tuna Salad or Chicken Salad or Chicken Breast or Red Meat or Turkey Breast, or Eggs or Fish (with 1 serving of hormone free cheese or 1/4 avocado)  Remember, more variety will be re-introduced at day 5.

    4th liter of water

    Snack: 10 almonds, walnuts or pecans... or a 1-2 slices of Guiltless Bread™ or 1-2 Guiltless Tortillas™ and a serving of cheese or protein source.

    Dinner: 1 (6") Guiltless Pizza™ or 1-2 slice of Guiltless Bread™ or a few Guiltless Tortillas™ with Tuna Salad or Chicken Salad (flavored with mustard and real mayonnaise) or Chicken Breast or Hamburger Patty or Turkey Breast, or Steak or Eggs or Fish with 1 serving of hormone free cheese or 1/4 avocado.

    last 1 liter of water

    Once you’ve finished your meal plan for the day, floss your teeth, brush your teeth, gargle with Scope (to eliminate the cravings for more food) and go to bed. Cleaning your teeth and mouth before going to bed will allow you to wakeup with a clean, fresh feeling. It will also help eliminate early morning carbohydrate cravings. Going to bed with an empty stomach gives internal organs a chance to rest, the body’s own personal growth hormone a chance to release into the bloodstream, refresh muscles & brain from the previous days work, as well as BURN FAT while you are sleeping.

    A few tips to help you understand how your body works and why it stores fat the way it does:


    "Since increased glucose levels (sugar that we’ve eaten) inhibit the release of growth hormone (which burns fat and heals our muscles, bones, tendons, and brain tissue as we sleep) it behooves us to avoid anything sweet, starchy, fruity or otherwise carbohydrate laden especially right before we go to bed. 

    Any of these substances will give us an elevation of blood glucose that will impede the normal shot of growth hormone released an hour or so after our falling asleep. Remember Growth Hormone is a gift from God, it is a natural steroid, so do whatever you have to do to make sure your body produces as much of it as possible! Our bodies are designed to expect and use this growth hormone to repair all our tissues, so if you don’t get your natural GH shot, you are really missing out on some miraculous benefits.

    That’s the reason we’re avoiding all forms of sugars/carbs in these first 5 days, we want to eradicate all traces of the sugars we have floating around and causing trouble in our bodies. See what all those snacks of milk and cookies at bedtime have been doing to you!  (Protein Power, Dr. Dan Eades)

    2.) What’s so important about growth hormone?

    Growth hormone encourages growth and repair of body tissues, helps build lean body mass, mobilizes your fat stores, and shifts your metabolism into fat burning as it's fuel source. Adults have more than adequate amounts of growth hormone locked away in the brain—we just have trouble getting to it, whereas teens release it easily. The chief time of release is about an hour or so after you fall deeply asleep. A number of factors help stimulate growth hormone release: stable low blood sugar, low sugar/carbohydrate consumption, increased protein intake, fasting, deep sleep, consuming healthy, fiber-filled vegetables and exercise." (Protein Power, Dr. Dan Eades)

    The Guiltless Weight Loss Program™ will benefit all aspects of your life!


    God bless,



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